The truth about hard money lending

The truth about hard money lending

Hard-money lending does not just rely on the creditworthiness of each borrower, but on the value of the project as a whole. We make sure our lenders and investors have flexible loan terms so each borrower qualifies for a chance to repay steadily and earn at the same time.

The vast majority of hard money loans are not just limited to borrowers who have both the means for cash and the assets to put up as collateral. Here at Globenet Capital Group we find the right lender to best suit your financial needs. Banks, typically, will not place traditional 30 year fixed mortgages on distressed property. This includes the overwhelming numbers of foreclosures. Especially those that have conditions that must be repaired such as foundation, roofing, plumbing, etc… that’s where Hard Money factors in. We lend the money to cover Rehab costs as well.

In addition, we make qualifying easier than traditional lending. Whether you are an investor or homeowner we can fund you. Investors can buy homes, make the necessary repairs, and bank the profits. Homeowners can make your current home into a dream home or simply invest in a vacation home. With hard money, any project has potential.

A real estate investor’s report card focuses on the return of investment. Being able to use a hard money loan, even with the points, fees, and interest rates, will still result in a dramatically higher profit. Just one small investment and you can acquire, rehabilitate or rent a property. You will be cashing in on a lump sum, monthly rents or accumulate equity. Get your hard money loan today!

This market today is based on the current appraised value. We value our lending abilities based on the solid relationships with our investors, their analytical skills and detailed attention to each project, the capital to draw from, and many other business associates are utilized to close each deal efficiently. We even make the impractical into a practical business opportunity with nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Globenet Capital Group is not just a Hard Money Lender; we help many investors in CA, and throughout the nation. We help them learn how to invest in real estate and create passive streams of income, allowing them to retire without negatively impacting their lifestyle. Our vendors form a strong team for our investors to help them move quickly and decisively through the mess of the current real estate market.

They must choose the right properties for them, and buy the properties at the right prices. They must rehabilitate properties, and sometimes even find reliable tenants. We consult and extend our services to ensure that your investments remain profitable.

Without Hard Money Lenders like Globenet Capital Group, the housing market would be severely handicapped. This is where the real positive impact of hard money lending can be felt in our current economic crisis.

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