FAQ’s for Investors

  • Investor
  • 1. Why you should invest with Globenet Capital Group?

    • We have funded over $100 M of hard money/private loans.
    • We have an excellent reputation as well as excellent relationships with all of our investors.
    • We take pride in our ethics, our profession and our diligence in every single aspect of our business.
    • We know what our clients and investors need!
    • We provide exactly what our clients want, when they want it, every single time!
  • 2. What is Trust Deed Investing?

    • When you invest in a Trust to Deed you become the personal lender on a California property that’s mortgage secured.
    • As the beneficiary of the Trust Deed, your name will be recorded in the County of purchase.
    • The borrower will send us the mortgage payment for processing every month and, once done, we forward you your proceeds.
  • 3. Why would I invest in Trust Deeds?

    If you’re looking for attractive yields and passive monthly income, Trust Deeds are a risk averse strategy of alternative investing.
  • 4. What is the minimum investment?

    $50,000 – our offerings are available as multi-beneficiary (fractional interest portions) or whole-note investments.
  • 5. What is a typical yield?

    Yields vary depending on the loan. Call us for more information!
  • 6. What are your rates?

    Rates vary depending on the loan. Call for rates!
  • 7. What servicing do you provide?

    Our loan servicing is extremely comprehensive and includes sending statements out to both borrowers and investors, collecting payments on a monthly basis from borrowers and then dispersing earnings out to investors, monitoring all property taxes as well as insurance coverage, managing any foreclosure processes necessary, making sure all year-end tax reporting is completed and responding to the inquiries of borrowers and investors alike. Monitoring your portfolio is easy with our online account access.
  • 8. How much do you charge for servicing?

    Servicing rates depending on the type of the loan. Call for more details.
  • 9. How do I start investing?

    Call us for more information and to get started!