Loans to Pro Athletes

Here at Globenet Capital Group, we have come up with a hard money / private money loan model that through our relationships can originate hard money / private money loans and present us as the trusted source to help the professional athletes with their financial needs.

Globenet Capital Group has one of the most diverse sports hard money / private lending platforms available today, permitting us to fund loans with flexible lending terms that other organizations are unable to endorse. We give ideal rates and use creative financing on a variety of hard money/private loans to our clients. We base this all on individual circumstances. We offer SIMPLE, PROMPT AND STRESS FREE financing solutions.

Globenet Capital Group provides short-term hard money/private loans, customized for professional athletes with signed player contracts in the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Soccer (MLS).

Professional athletes, business managers and financial advisors are always welcome to discuss their specific hard money/private money financing needs. Once you have reached out to our team of professionals, underwriting is completed within two-three business days. Approvals below $250,000 can generally be funded inside of a week of final approval.

Globenet Capital Group offers:

  • Loans from $50,000 to $5,000,000+ USD (Higher with specialized stipulations)
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Customized Terms
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Quick Closings

We understand the lifestyle of professional athletes and the need for customized hard money / private money lending solutions. We value your confidentiality and will discretely handle your request and supporting documentation throughout the entire approval process.

Globenet Capital Group is the industry leader in tailored, capacity based, hard money / private money lending solutions to professional athletes. Through managed connections with community and regional, hard money / private money lenders, Globenet Capital Group is able to provide athletes with cost effective, bank originated hard money / private loans, available to professionals in every other profession.

At Globenet Capital Group we recognize that young athletes have distinctive borrowing needs that fail to meet most institutional credit policy guidelines. We focus on educating lenders in major sports markets on the unique needs of athletes prior to any specific player looking for a hard money / private money loan. In doing so, we work with these community lenders to implement a comprehensive and efficient credit policy based on measureable underwriting guidelines. When a player or adviser approaches us, we underwrite to the specific guidelines that we helped these local institutions formulate. Our goal is to fund approved hard money / private money loan requests inside of ten business days.

We can also help retired and retiring athletes restructure their assets after the large paychecks and final days of their playing career. Most professional athletes and entertainers go from having very little to enormous wealth. A lot of them buy assets that banks don’t value, and when their contracts end or they retire, they have to adjust their life style. Globenet Capital Group helps with bridge loans against those assets such as high end cars, jewelry, art, collectables, and memorabilia. These bridge loans are designed to provide instant cash while the athlete restructures their lifestyle.

Why Pro Athletes Need Loans

Some people might be wondering why professional athletes, with their multi-million dollar contracts, would need a loan, and the answer is simple. Ambition.

A good portion of professional athletes are drafted immediately out of college. On an average, most retire by the age of 33 (28 in the NFL).  Coming into these exorbitant amounts of money at such a young and impressionable age, athletes often find that the yearning to spend their money often outweighs their apparent need to save and invest; which in turn leaves them needing financial assistance in between paychecks. This is where Globenet Capital Groups sports lending comes into play.

The Present Sports Lending Market

Sports lending nothing new. It has been around since professional sports started.

There are a handful of smaller companies that are currently lending to athletes, however, those lenders often charge very large fees or require the athletes to be locked up into a two year or more payment plan, during which time they charge exorbitantly high interest rates of 25% – 30%+ in the first year and more in the second. Some even try to tie athletes up into other investment platforms.

How Globenet Capital Group is going to Improve the World of Sports Lending

We have come up with a simple model to lend against the guaranteed portion of a professional athletes contract.

A few of our key differentiators are:

  • Fair rates commensurate with the collateral.
  • Quick turn around and funding
  • Payoff of other high interest rate loans or mortgages
  • For a Fast Funding Application email your name and contact information to or call us today at 877-281-0678!

Flexibility and creativity is something we pride ourselves with! All you have to do is ask! If it makes sense, we will finance it!

Building our company by helping you achieve your dream project!

Our primary goal is building relationships 1 client at a time, we believe in a Win! Win! situation for all!

We get it! And that is why you will get exactly what you want when you want it EVERY time!

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