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Based in Westminster, California, Globenet Capital is a hard-money lending company that is engaged in underwriting and funding of both short-term private money, as well as hard-money real estate loans. Residential and commercial properties that are located in California, as well as a number of other select cities, are used to secure all hard-money/private loans. Home equity and a realistic ability to service the debt and repay the hard-money/private loan are the main requirements considered when investing.

Our team of dedicated professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in practically every area of institutional real estate financing, as well as hard-money/private financing. Our principles  understand and fully appreciate the profitability and the complexities that these types of transactions bring. The fact is, conventional lenders are often unable to handle these complexities, profitability or the relationship that you have with them. It is in this respect that Globenet Capital rises above the competition.

Globenet Capital has an excess of investor capital, giving us the ability to offer hard-money/private/bridge loan financing without many of the qualifying factors that conventional lenders require. Because of this, we are able to process transactions upwards of $5 million.

This keeps your real estate project moving forward. We quickly and efficiently offer various short-term financing packages for acquisitions, renovations of foreclosed residential properties, “rehab” projects as well as commercial properties.

Our exclusive approach to financing enables us to process your time-sensitive projects quickly and efficiently. Traditional bank loans are often mechanical, slow and rather uncompromising.

If you’re a realtor, lender, broker, attorney, real estate investor, builder or any other type of consultant seeking quick and relatively easy financing for your client, please give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you!


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