Hard Money/Private Loans

When traditional financing isn’t available, a hard money/private loan from Globenet Capital Group IS your only solution!

The fact is that not every borrower – or every property – will ‘fit the mold’ when it comes to qualifying for conventional loans

If you’re a borrower that doesn’t qualify for a traditional bank loan, Globenet Capital Group can provide the real estate loans as well as the credit lines that you need and we do it at competitive rates as well as with underwriting that is based primarily on a property’s equity.

Some of the characteristics of a private lending loan are as follows:

  • Oftentimes they are used as a bridge loan

  • Term length is generally 1 to 6 years

  • Typical loans are secured by adequate equity in the property(s)

  • An exit strategy is always available

  • Typically a private loan will carry higher interest rates than a conventional loan

One of the best aspects of a private loan is the speed at which decisions about properties can be made over conventional loans. This is oftentimes the difference between making a profit on a transaction or taking a loss on it. (In some case it can mean breaking even as well, which is better than a loss.)


Private “Hard” Money Loan Programs

At Globenet Capital we offer “hard” money loans of two different types.

  1. Loans:

  • Residential, commercial, and mixed-use, non-owner occupied

  • Cash out refinance us with no limits

  • 12 to 60 Month Term Interest rates based on current market conditions

  • Quick closings using delegated funds

  • Loan to Value up to 65%

  • 1st and 2nd trust deeds

Reasons people look to private loans:

  • Balloon payoffs on commercial loans.

  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure payoffs.

  • Bridge/swing loans.

  • Lending to trusts.

  • Speed.

  • Foreign nationals.

  • Using multiple properties as collateral.

  1. Lines of Credit:

  • Excellent for cash flow problems

  • Interest paid only on the principle used

  • A lower effective rate

  • Excellent when used for funding ongoing projects

  • Ability to get money when you need it

  • Ability to take advantage of business opportunities and investing

  • Commercial properties as well as non—owner occupied income producing properties usually qualify *

* A line of credit for business purposes may qualify against residences that are owner occupied.

Flexibility and creativity is something we pride ourselves with! All you have to do is ask! If it makes sense, we will finance it!

Building our company by helping you achieve your dream project!

Our primary goal is building relationships 1 client at a time, we believe in a Win! Win! situation for all!

We get it! And that is why you will get exactly what you want when you want it EVERY time!

Call us today for your hard money/private loan at 877-281-0678!