Interest Rates

Question: do you know what your current interest rate is? This is actually a more important question that you may realize. The fact is, many lenders automatically quote the lowest rate they have available as they already know that very few people will actually be able to qualify for that rate. The reason they do this is simply to get a prospective client started on their loan process. In fact, without knowing a borrower’s actual situation it’s nearly impossible for a bank to quote a precise interest rate, especially if their credit history and income information is unavailable. They also don’t have the most important piece of information necessary, which is the actual reason that you want to borrow the money to begin with. That doesn’t mean that we at Globenet Capital Group don’t quote rates (because we do), it just means that we want those quotes to mean something when we give them. Our opinion is that understanding precisely what our customers really want is extremely important and allows us to quote them a hard money/private loan that works and serves their specific needs. The way we see it, our job is to get you the best rate possible and the best hard money/private loan available.

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