Globenet Capital Group Asset-Based Lending Services

For a business that has financial needs that fall outside of what the traditional bank can offer, Asset Based Lending (ABL) can be an excellent solution. Asset based structures can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of any individual company and help them to achieve greater leverage, softer covenants and, if necessary, more flexibility. ABL provides a company a line of credit based on their eligible:

  • Accounts receivable

  • Inventory

  • Machinery and equipment

Asset-based lending is a cost-effective and quick method for a business to obtain working capital with more flexibility than many other finance approaches. When a business has an asset based lending relationship they aren’t forced to give up the equity in their company like they are with other types of structured financial products. Indeed, when a company needs flexibility in order to grow, take advantage of discounts from their suppliers, recapitalize, buy out their shareholders or, in some cases, fund their payroll, ABL can and does provide that flexibility. Even more, ABL can be increased or decreased based on the current size and needs of your business as well as providing daily or weekly access, upon request, to your line of credit.

Some of the highlights of Asset Based Lending

Primary Transaction Size $50,000 to $5,000,000 +
Business Credit Type Line of Credit
Advance Formula Up to 90% of eligible Accounts Receivable
Up to 50% of eligible Inventory
Advance Frequency Weekly (or as often as daily)

Credit reviews for new and existing account debtors
Collection services (in some cases)
Customized management reports

Credit Repair


Benefits Receivables support allows you to focus on your core business
Globenet Capital Group Asset Based Lending Benefits Competitive pricing
Flexible structuring
Fast response time
Proposal turnaround within two days
Closing times are the fastest in the industry

Asset Based Lending: Is it the right solution for your business?

Every business is unique and needs its own working capital. We understand that and we’ll work with you to not only help you find the best solution to your distinct situation but also to your particular goals. When it comes to assisting companies in a wide range of different industries, our staff of experienced financial specialists will find a solution for you that’s customized to your needs.

Flexibility and creativity is something we pride ourselves with! All you have to do is ask! If it makes sense, we will finance it!

Building our company by helping you achieve your dream project!

Our primary goal is building relationships 1 client at a time, we believe in a Win! Win! situation for all!

We get it! And that is why you will get exactly what you want when you want it EVERY time!

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